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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach us in chat, at info@xometry.de or  +49 32 22 109 8186

  1. What is Xometry Europe?

    Xometry Europe is a network of European metal machining workshops that makes outsourcing of metal parts fast & easy.

  2. Does Xometry Europe manufacture my parts?

    No. We don't possess any CNC machines. Instead, we have the largest CNC machining provider network in Europe. It gives our customers access to hundreds of CNC machines in qualified and audited workshops with free capacity all over Europe.

  3. Where will my parts be manufactured?

    We find the optimal provider or several providers for each given order and given time. Our aim is to find optimal machinery and free capacity right now for your order. Our network of CNC workshops is developing, and all our providers are located in the European Union.

    Our ambition is bringing manufacturing orders back to Europe.

  4. What industries do you serve?

    We supply all industries where metal parts are required. Predominantly, it is machine building of all sorts; automotive, including trucks and commercial vehicles; railroad equipment; aerospace; energy and oil & gas; power generation etc.

    If you have any questions about whether we can be of use in your particular application - please contact us and we will try to help you.

  5. How much does it cost to use Xometry Europe?

    We don't charge any fees for our service. All customer pays is the part price itself.

  6. How does Xometry Europe achieve attractive prices for CNC machining?

    Xometry Europe relies on CNC machining workshops all across the European Union with a long tradition of contract manufacturing, highly educated workers and the most modern machines.

    Untapping this pool of CNC workshops and catching their unused capacity enables us to secure lasting economic advantage to our customers.

    Try us by getting the offer!

  7. What about the delivery costs?

    Unless specified otherwise, we offer the parts on the basis of EXW Taufkirchen, Germany. Please specify your transport requirements in the enquiry - we are able to accommodate most delivery options within the EU.

  8. How can I pay?

    We accept payments via bank transfer. If you prefer other payment methods, please contact us to clarify first.

  9. In what materials can you make parts?

    Xometry Europe can manufacture parts in all typical sorts and alloys of metals, for example, stainless steels 1.4404, 1.4301, duplex and super duplex grades and carbon grades, such as 1.2436. Cast iron is also possible. Find more information in the capabilities section.

    We also provide parts in aluminium, bronze, copper and other metals.

  10. What CNC-processing can you provide?

    Our network of partners provides virtually all type of CNC-operations and technology to manufacture the parts according to your specifications. The most typical are milling, boring, grinding, polishing. In addition, our partners perform the required technological and preparatory operations, such as cutting, hardening, chrome plating and so on.

    In case of larger and more specific requirements, parts are first produced as castings by a foundry with parts-specific moulds fabricated for this particular order. Then the castings are CNC machined at a workshop.

    We are expanding the portfolio of offered processes and operations to 3D printing, sheet metal and non-metal parts machining.

  11. What kind of drawings do you need to make an offer?

    We are happy to accept drawings or 3D models in the most popular standards of the industry. But even if all you currently have is a sketch or picture of the part you want and no drawing yet - that is not a problem, we will be able to have a look at it and provide a price estimate.

  12. Can you design the part according to my specifications?

    No. We work based on customer's designs. However, if we discover a problem with manufacturability of your design, we come back to you with an advice how to fix it.

  13. Do you control the quality of the parts?

    Yes, we do have internal quality control procedures at the sites of our partners and in our logistics hub. If you require quality control reports - please specify the control procedures you need in your enquiry. Typically, the control procedures could be supported by material certificates, conformity certificates, reports of inspections. Please make sure to specify the quality control procedures before placing the order - introducing them once the production has been started is very difficult.

  14. How long will I have to wait to get an offer?

    We aim to provide offers for CNC machined parts within 24 hrs. When we work on an offer, we analyze the manufacturability of the design, the required properties of a material, the surface and the part body and other technological factors. We also take into account the desired delivery term and the quantity required. Some technological requirements demand further clarification with the customer - in such cases an offer might take longer to issue.

  15. How can Xometry Europe offer a better lead time than my neighbour machine workshop?

    Xometry's Europe network monitors the free machine time of the network members. For every order, we select relevant machine workshops with free capacity right now.

  16. How does Xometry Europe protect customers' intellectual property?

    We take it very seriously. Every drawing, sketch or picture you upload to our system is kept completely secure. We use state-of-the-art security algorithms. Traffic at our website is secured by the SHA-256 algorithm with RSA encryption.

    Once your order is placed, only the provider that actually manufactures your part has access to the part drawing. All CNC workshops in our network are under contract to protect your IP. If you require a special non-disclosure agreement, please send your request to info@xometry.de

  17. I don't represent a company, I am a private person, can I also order a part with you?

    Currently Xometry Europe is focusing on working with larger customers, so unfortunately, we are not able to make offers for private persons or small companies. We plan to open our services to smaller customers later.

  18. Do you have technical limits of what you can manufacture?

    We are constrained by the limitations of our cooperation partners only, but we have not faced these limits yet. Typically, parts of up to 1 ton in weight are possible to manufacture without any restrictions.

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